Cigar Chompin’ Reviews: Rise of the Triad

Rise of the triad review.

Gameplay: with dodgy AI and the inability to see where the blows are coming from at times, the gameplay has a tendency to turn into a frustrating affair. However with its mindset stuck firmly in the 90’s it can be a hell of a good time, that is until you get to the platforming, seriously whoever thinks platforming in first person when you can’t see your feet is a good idea, needs a man with a bamboo rod to stand behind him at all times to smack him whenever he wants to put platforming in a first person game .

Story:You’re cute.

Replay/Fun: with the inability to save at will, the game can quickly turn from fun romp to frustration filled replaying of the same fifteen minutes . However there is a certain thrill to watching a pair of eyes slide down your screen after an enemy explodes close to you. Having an unambiguous evil to fight is fun, and the boss battles are challenging and can be a genuine challenge, but again with the lack of quicksave I found myself cursing as much as I was cheering.

Sound: between the blaring rock soundtrack and cries of your enemies the sound is the best thing about the game, although the explosions lack any kind of oomph.

Graphics: They get the job done, but it’s nothing to write home about. They don’t look bad, but if you’re a graphic junky you might be disappointed, I wasn’t. However the V-synch constantly turning off kept me good and pissed.

Overall score: 6.6


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