What in the actual F***?


A recent change.org petition has been created to appeal to Rockstar Games to not release GTA:V onto PC. The creator claims that his wish is to ensure that GTA:V is not heavily pirated, and damn is it hard to type with one hand while making the jack off motion with the other. Anyways, the petition has practically skyrocketed with a staggering 28 signatures at time of writing. I myself signed the petition, not to see to it that PC gamers are left in the lurch, but to give a covert fuck you to the petitions creator Trevor Phillips. When asked why the petition was important to me I wrote in the most mature manner: GTA:V should not be allowed on PC, because I am a massive twat who should not be listened to, allowed on public forums, or allowed to breed.

FireShot Screen Capture #035 - '(582 unread) - chiggerwood - Yahoo Mail' - us-mg6_mail_yahoo_com_neo_launch__rand=611509734&action=showLetter&umid=2_0_0_1_886277_AKSki2IAAA9aUi_ligAAAN01V50&box=Inbox&src=hp&referer=

You’re welcome Trevor!


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