6 comments on “Like GTA? Then You’re A Lousy Person Says Ed Schultz.

  1. I never got the whole video game violence translates to real life violence thing. Seriously, if somebody was to go off the deep end, it wouldn’t matter what they had access to. Funnily enough, I never hear the cops blame racing games for stupid driving behaviour on the roads!

    • Actually about a little over a decade ago there were people (including police) blaming racing games for accidents and real life street racing. Really people just want a simple explanation to complex problems and video games give them that. It’s not right, nor is it accurate to put the blame on video games, but it’s a lot easier than confronting the fact that the U.S. mental health system is completely broken and needs to be fixed.

      • Luckily, nobody here in Australia has ever tried to blame bad behavior of any kind on games of any genre. I sometimes wonder what sort of warped reality some people in the US live in.

  2. Ah, the old video games are polluting our minds rant. Everytime something violent happens they have to blame video games these days. When I was a kid you didn’t see me fatality my teacher for telling me no. Games are a form of entertainment, just like movies, and music. It’s up to the person on whether or not they’ll decide to kill someone not games.

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