Like GTA? Then You’re A Lousy Person Says Ed Schultz.

Video games are in a unique position in this world, but are not unique in being in the position they are in, if that makes any sense. Books, music, TV, and movies have all been blamed for tragedies by a sensational press clamoring to earn a cheap buck off of the actions of the mentally ill, and now video games present a new form of media to be used by a press that have made their bread and butter from fear mongering since William Randolph Hearst came on the scene. Recently there was a tragic shooting in a Naval yard that cost at least twelve people their lives. It was a failure on the sides of many and with hindsight we can say it could’ve been avoided if we just did this or that. However, it was, to put it perhaps too simply, a tragedy, and as is their Modus Operandi the media must use it to push an agenda.

No one takes the high road, no one allows for a time of mourning anymore. Instead they show themselves to be cowardly, disgusting, and reprehensible by using the tragedy as the mad man used his gun. However, they are not among the mentally ill. They have all of their faculties and are of sound mind. They have no excuse for their depravity. They are avaricious, cruel, and unfeeling. They care not for those who were harmed and those who were failed by our broken mental health care system, they care only for their agenda. Well damn them and damn their agendas. Can we not be silent for a day when a tragedy strikes us? Can we not look at a scene of chaos and think of those harmed? At this time in history the answer is no. Perhaps one day we’ll look back on this time of fear mongering and hang our heads in shame, but until then the least we can do is call out for a moment of silence for those who were failed.

To answer Mr. Schultz’s question: It is not a matter of the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, or any amendment for that matter. It is a matter of insuring that a system is in place that keeps both the mentally ill and the public safe.



6 thoughts on “Like GTA? Then You’re A Lousy Person Says Ed Schultz.

  1. I never got the whole video game violence translates to real life violence thing. Seriously, if somebody was to go off the deep end, it wouldn’t matter what they had access to. Funnily enough, I never hear the cops blame racing games for stupid driving behaviour on the roads!

    • Actually about a little over a decade ago there were people (including police) blaming racing games for accidents and real life street racing. Really people just want a simple explanation to complex problems and video games give them that. It’s not right, nor is it accurate to put the blame on video games, but it’s a lot easier than confronting the fact that the U.S. mental health system is completely broken and needs to be fixed.

      • Luckily, nobody here in Australia has ever tried to blame bad behavior of any kind on games of any genre. I sometimes wonder what sort of warped reality some people in the US live in.

  2. Ah, the old video games are polluting our minds rant. Everytime something violent happens they have to blame video games these days. When I was a kid you didn’t see me fatality my teacher for telling me no. Games are a form of entertainment, just like movies, and music. It’s up to the person on whether or not they’ll decide to kill someone not games.

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